Powerful Ways to Relieve Shin Splint Pain Fast

Is it possible to relieve shin splint pain in just a few minutes by applying a simple, affordable, and painless remedy? How it sound if the same remedy heals the painful shin splints forever in just a week? Well, the good news is that such remedies are available, which work not only to OVERCOME the SYMPTOMS but also to REVERSE the ROOT CAUSE of the condition.

It is neither complex nor rocket science to understand this way of getting rid of pain as well as the condition. Treating only the symptoms will get your work done only up to 50%, because symptoms are not the root problem. The real issue is with the cause that triggers these symptoms. Therefore, if the treatment attacks the cause to reverse its impact in and around the shinbone, the condition is fully treatable.

Inflammation, too tight muscles, or too tight connective tissues tend to cause shin splints in both males and females. Now that the cause is known, it is 100% possible to get rid of the pain as well as the condition.

So, what are the ways to get rid of shin splints and its pain in just a week? Let’s explore them!

  1. Ice Dipping: The Most Powerful Way

Although demanding more efforts than other healing ways, Ice Dipping is the most powerful way to relieve the pain. For vanishing shin splints, the method works by triggering a big circulatory effect for removing pain and inflammation out of the lower leg through increased blood and nutrition supply. Here is how to do ice dipping:

  • Fill half of the tub with water and include some big bags of ice for making the water ice cold.
  • Dip the affected lower leg in the tub such that the part from knee to ankle gets submerged into the cold water. Be in this position for 10 seconds. The water should be cold enough such that you should feel like taking the legs out of it after 10 seconds.
  • Dry your legs and walk around for a while.
  • Leave a gap of 5 minutes re-dip the legs for 10 seconds, for 10 times.
  1. Ice Massage: Powerful in Combination with Dipping

This is another effective way of healing shin splints but less powerful than dipping. As a tip, start using it with dipping to efficiently alleviate pain. Ice massage penetrates cold quite inside the structure to boost circulation at its root level. When done with hard pressing, the scar tissue breaks up to trigger movements in the affected internal areas.

  1. Fill water in a few Dixie cups and put them in freezer.
  2. Take one cup and tear off the half inch from top.
  3. Pull out a Dixie Cup and tear off the top 1/2 inch.
  4. With the cup’s ice cube, massage on the most painful area on the shin, at least for five minutes and four times per day. Consider rubbing along the entire shin length. Move the ice up and down the painful regions.
  5. Stop once the skin becomes numb.

Ice Packs: OK although Useful If It Is the Only Way Out

This way of healing shin splints is neither that great nor bad when compared to the above two ways. However, if this is all what you have at your disposal, it is essential to use it up to its full potential.

  1. Bring some giant packs to cover maximum possible leg area. It can be giant pack of frozen corn or frozen gel pack.
  2. Place the pack on the painful area. Consider strapping it to the knee for moving it, if you wish to do so.
  3. Take the pack off after 10-15 minutes and wait for another 10-15 minutes to reapply the pack again. You can do this therapy as many times as you like.

Why Ice is Your Friend or Why You Should Rely Upon Ice?

  • Cold or ice contracts the spongy muscles and makes the sponge to squeeze out the old irritants and fluid out responsible for swelling.
  • When the cold therapy is over, the body pushes ample of new blood, oxygen, and nutrition to the affected area.
  • Icing changes the tissue biology that causes the muscles to loosen up and circulation to boost sufficiently.
  • Icing never suppresses the pain, which most painkillers do.
  • Icing does not trigger any side effects.

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